Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hunters are insomniacs

Training day started at 5:30 AM.  At my grandpa's cattle ranch in Wyoming it's easy to beat the sun out of bed; why is it so hard to wake up early when I'm anywhere else?  Something about knowing that you might see a moose as you head out to catch a huge brooke trout on the stream behind the house haunts my sleep.  Maybe it's because I can hear a goose honk from a mile away even if I'm indoors.  The opportunity to experience the unpopulated outdoors has its way of making sleep much less valuable.  Knowing that there where eleven sleeping laboradors in a dogpile in the shed next door just added to my insomnia. I couldn't resist pulling out a dozen of my ranch decoys to teach the puppies about their heritage.


Well, I guess I am going to do this whole blog thing.  Thankfully my wife takes care of all of the current events in our family life so I can blog about important things like labrador puppies and goose decoys made out of plywood.  I grew up in a decent sized city, but my heart belonged in the country, out in some agricultural field chasing pheasants and ducks.  My wife grew up in a large city in Southern California; she's the type of girl that cries when she sees roadkill.  Things have changed since we got married; when I'm driving through the sage brush I find myself swirving away from the rabbits that cross the road.  

My soft-hearted wife is a photographer; on some weekends her equipment is just laying around, so I decided I might as well take it to the beautiful places that we visit in the outdoors.  So for all of you animal lovers, Look What I Shot, doesn't neccessarily mean I killed it! However, I make no promises, when I say I shoot with a Canon, it could be a camera, or it could be a 10 gauge!